how to determine the correct replacement trailer

How to Measure Hitch Drop Select a Ball Mount

Hitching up your trailer requires a secure connection This means choosing the right trailer hitch ball mount for your towing setup In this guide we will walk through some of the considerations for choosing a ball mount including measuring hitch drop how to select the right shank size and how to determine the correct weight capacity

How to Measure your Trailer's Wheel Bolt Circle Lug

In order to replace a hub on your trailer you will need to know the bolt pattern or lug pattern Trailer wheel hub patterns can be defined by the number of bolts or lugs per wheel and the diameter of the circle that the bolts are arranged on Determining the bolt pattern is rather easy but it is very important that accurate measurements are taken The majority of boat trailers on the road

How to Determine Correct Replacement Hubs for

Replacement Hub and Drum Assembly for a Dexter 10K General Duty Axle 387A Inner and 25580 Outer Parts Needed to Install Disc Brakes on Gooseneck Trailer with 10k Axles Will Kodiak Disc Brake Kit for 10K Axles # K2HR958QD11 Fit a Lippert 10K Axle How To Determine The Correct Wheel Hub And Drum Assembly For Big Tex AC20 Car Hauler Trailer

How to estimate Replacement Cost Insurance for your

The replacement cost is how much it would take to rebuild your home with similar materials if it's damaged or destroyed Replacement cost is tied to the amount of coverage you select and the amount your insurer will pay you if you file a claim You will have to choose a "dwelling coverage" amount when you're shopping for a policy

How to Determine the Size of HVAC You Need

For the air conditioner divide the number by 12 000 to determine the tonnage required For the furnace divide the BTU by the unit's efficiency as a decimal In the case of a 1500 sq ft home the air conditioner would need to be 37 500 12 000 which comes out to about 3 tons

How to Depreciate Trailers

Trailers often represent fixed assets in accounting terms The items bring value to a company for more than one accounting period in general Depreciation is representational expense that a company records to show the use for a trailer during the accounting period Accountants are responsible for trailer


Measures 12 long and fits 2 trailer hitch receivers Equal-i-zer Hitch Shanks are built from the highest-grade of American steel The adjustability measurement for the shanks is measured from the inside top of the receiver to the base of the hitch ball To determine which shank you need use our

Trailer Rim Bolt Pattern How to Measure

When you're looking to upgrade the wheels on your trailer or you need new trailer wheel hubs you need to know the lug pattern to determine the correct size Typical trailer wheel sizes range from 14-to-18-inch with 4 lug 5 lug 6 lug or 8 lug patterns The lug pattern measures the diameter around the circle formed by the lugs on the wheel

Measuring for Replacement Torflex Axles

2020-2-18Determine where the center of the spindle is in relationship to the bottom of correct 5 bolt pattern Hub face to Hub face Hub face to Hub face Spring Center to Spring Centre Spring Center to Spring Centre Measuring for Replacement Sprung Axles 4" Drop Axle Straight Axle Customer Name: _____ Capacity (2000LB 3500LB 6000LB 7000LB etc

How to measure an Axle for a Boat Trailer or Utility

Getting correct and accurate measurements off of your trailers current axle is crucial to ensure the proper replacement of your new axle In most cases getting the basic Hub Face and Spring Seat measurements currently yields a perfect replacement and the process flawless

How to Identify and Measure Universal Lift Supports

The below video further demonstrates how to measure and identify the correct universal lift support for your application If you still need help on finding or replacing your lift supports just Contact Us and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you

How To Determine the Correct Replacement Trailer

The best way to determine which hub assembly you will need is by the bearing numbers The item you selected Trailer Hub Assembly part # 8-258-5UC1 is a replacement hub which uses Inner and Outer Bearing # L44649 The bearing numbers will be stamped or lasered onto the flat back side of the bearings

The Danger of an Un

2019-3-8The next step is to determine how to achieve the correct trailer height when the trailer is hitched to the tow vehicle This can be achieve in two ways EquiSpirit has an adjustable coupler on all its bumper pulls so with a wrench you can adjust the trailer coupler up or down to the height of the ball mount on the tow vehicle

How to Measure Shocks

Measuring your vehicle for shocks is a last resort if none of the other ways of finding a proper replacement shocks is available To find the correct measurement for a shock absorber you will need to measure from the center of a loop style mount and from the closest point on the mount for a stud type shock (since the shock is measured from the

How to Determine Correct Replacement Hub for

Replacement Wheel Bearing Kit for a Big Tex 30SV Trailer Determining Correct Replacement Bearing Replacement Double-Lip Grease Seal for EZ Lube Hub on 2005 TrailStar Boat Trailer Locating Replacement Bearings for 1995 Jayco Eagle 10 Pop Up Camper Replacement Hub for 1997 Ranger Boat Trailer How to Determine Correct Replacement Bearings

Trailer Axle Placement Tips

Proper placement of trailer axles can make the difference between a trailer that tows safely and easily and a trailer that is a danger to everyone around it anytime it is being towed Too far to the rear and the percentage of the cargo weight that is carried on the trailer hitch is too high causing undue wear on the


2020-7-1SPRING CENTER: For replacement axle to determine the spring center measure from the center of one spring to the center of the opposite spring For new axles determine the outside to outside width of the trailer frame and subtract 2-inches to obtain your spring centers 7 What other options are available that I haven't considered?

SHORELAND'R Factory Replacement Trailer Axles

SHORELAND'R Factory Replacement Trailer Axles Genuine ShoreLand'r Replacement Axles are specifically designed to offer the same fit and finish as the original Precision engineering and quality testing ensure that our OEM replacement galvanized and painted axles willl fit right look right and perform right year after year

How to Determine the Fuse/Wire Size

Determine the wire gage you already have by locating it on the package or simply by measuring it Use the following table to determine the maximum current for whatever wire gage is being used Take the maximum current value obtained from the table and find the

How to Determine Your Trailer Tow Limit

In addition to knowing your trailer's towing limit you need to know how to determine the correct load limit for your tow vehicle This is especially important if you plan to tow with different vehicles First look at your vehicle's placard for a statement that reads "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed XXX lbs "

How to determine what axle you have

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How to Determine the Correct Hub Replacement For

In order to find the correct replacement hub for your trailer you will need to find the inner and outer bearing numbers and the seal number The 8-135 you see stamped is the casting number and really does not give us the information we need to find the hub that will fit your spindle

How to Determine Correct Replacement Trailer Hub

How to Determine Correct Replacement Trailer Hub for 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Spindle Question: I have a spindle that is a straight shaft 1 1/4 inch I am looking to see what size the tapered bearings are or what a replacement hub is asked by: John H 0 Expert Reply: